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Stanley Octagonal Chisels

Cold Chisel 7/8 inches/22mm, Model No. STHT16290-8 (Set of 3 pc)
Made from high grade steel,forged and ground..
Differential heat treatment for cutting edge,and striking end,ensure long life..
Bright blue painted finish..

Octagonal chisels are a type of woodworking tool commonly used for cutting and shaping wood. As the name suggests, these chisels have a distinctive octagonal-shaped handle, providing a comfortable grip and preventing the chisel from rolling off a work surface.

The blade of an octagonal chisel is typically made of high-quality steel and features a sharp cutting edge. The chisel's octagonal handle allows for precise control and stability during woodworking tasks, making it popular among carpenters, furniture makers, and woodworkers.

Octagonal chisels are available in various sizes, allowing users to select the appropriate tool for different applications. The sizes may range from small chisels for fine detail work to larger chisels for heavy-duty tasks.

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Product Code STHT16290-8-7/8inch-22mm
Product Color Multi
Product Category Chisels

Product Application

Used in Automobile, construction & all other manufacturing industries like every industrial maintenance, repair work in plant & machinery , automotive, fabrication, steel mills, furniture, etc.
These chisels are commonly used for tasks such as carving intricate designs, creating mortises and tenons, and shaping wood surfaces. The sharp cutting edge of the chisel is driven into the wood with a mallet or hammer, allowing the user to remove material and achieve the desired shape or cut.

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